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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
Their properties are too vast to list really!!

From my own experiences -

Elite fleet shields - give increasing resistances to energy weapons that are fired upon you after a few seconds(not sure how many since the nerf) the resistance maxes out add in empts and apart from massive spike their pretty damn hard to take down

Engines - can't help you I'm affraid never used them never even looked tbh far to expensive for their benefits as far as I know(never heard anyone say their a must have)

Elite fleet deflectors - give bonuses to the usual systems (shieldssystems , structuralintegrity etc etc) also one gives a 10% reduction to all science powers there is more and this is just what I saw when I looked and again far too expensive in my opinion

Don't take any of this as fact as I'm just writing from my phone and can't remember exactly but the elite fleet shields can make a beast out of any ship survivability wise
Elite Fleet shields stack resistances based on whats shooting at you, they're very good and can be called overpowered (imo i think it is, hence why its almost a requirement in pvp these days.)

Engines give you extra warp core efficiency, and is otherwise normal.

Deflectors give some minor stats and cuts all science power cool downs by 10%

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