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04-07-2013, 03:24 PM
Well, with the mvae it all comes down to that ltcm Sci spot.

You are going to run this like any fedscort. CRF and 4 DHC or beam overloads.

Now, with that ltcm Sci spot, I really like PSW. Especially with overloads and possibly HY torps to follow. Only thing is, speccing into torps and PSW can be expensive on the skill points, and it really eats away at points available for power systems and defense/movement.

It turns horribly out of separation mode. Remember that. Omega3 and delta1 with 2 attack pattern doffs and an RCS help it out some... But it's not keeping up with the turn rate of any other escort when not separated.

You could tank it out with he1, tss2, tss3. But, idunno... It's a tough call. I like using that ltcm Sci spot for offense, since you are losing your second tac ltcm spot.

Have fun kill bad guys.