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04-07-2013, 03:40 PM
It's worth looking in to. I end up not using most of the fancy consoles that come through my hands, and not look to buy more of them, purely because they cannot match the always-on utility of standard consoles. Do I want 15% stronger shields all the time, or do I want a highly situational ability with mediocre performance and an agonizingly long cooldown? HMMMM.

As a random example, the point defense system. It cleans up fighters and heavy torpedoes near you! Yay! ... Once per battle, effectively. You don't mount a point defense system and feel like your ship has an actual point defense that's helping you, it ends up feeling more like a Scroll of Fighter-B-Gone that you only use in the absolute most dire circumstances. But if you used something that improved your armor, shields, or fireopower, what are the odds that you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place? And of what possible use is that point defense system when the enemy you're facing isn't a fighter or heavy torpedo?

Basically the current system for universal consoles forces us to choose between basic performance boosts that are useful virtually all the time, or, things that help only in specific circumstances. The only fancy consoles I personally find worth using are the ones that provide significant, permanent bonuses (Assimilated console) or ones with short enogh cooldowns so that they can actually be relied on as a feature of your battle plan (Aceton assimlator). Those are the only ones that can justify their cost in console slots. Everything else just... isn't good enough considering what you have to give up. Pushing them to device slots solves some things.