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04-07-2013, 06:10 PM
I see a lot of complaints about science being weak or off balance with everything else. here. Is a suggestion that may help.

use science class ships as tools to discover environmental benefits that can be exploited. Science ship:
Science officer can use environment to apply effects outside the ship. for example, the science ship detects protomatter and subspace disturbance in the area.
The officerr can collect the protomatter and drop it in thoe disturbance to create a tactical reaction. Any other ship only sees unknown anomalies (not equipped too analyze advanced phenomena)
Upon collection, the engineering officer gains a one time use of the collection. This would be an engineering application. example could be to apply protomatter to ships fuel tanks toboost power output for ten seconds. another could be to shunt matter through the engines to scramble sensors.
tactical officer aboard can apply a one time tactical advantage. such as apply protomatter to next torpedo to increase yield.
Each effect is available once per corresponding officer.
keep in mind its a one time use per selection. so if the engineering option is applied, then the other science n tactical. options disappear til the next collection is made.

now science officers can apply medical advantages on ground or trransport discoveries to ship to be used in space. or visa versa

when in groups or fleets, the limitations of ship stats are broke down. so a science ship teamed with an engineering ship means science can detect but both ships can collect. the engineering ship gains 2 options of engineering application and 1 tac n 1 science per officer of the correspinding type on board.