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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
He's probably talking about the Kumari one, that's the really paper-thin one. The others can tank at least as well as any other escort.

The tankier ones are basically 2-3 turnpoints and a tac console slot from being ridiculous like the JHAS.
The JHAS is crap. The Kumari 5 tac console variant is fine the way it is. I fly one, i rarely explode and if I do it is because a tac cube or Denotra hit me for 70K..that would destroy any escort, including a lolJHAS.

I suggest you learn how to play an escort better. Try different BOFF set ups, you are doing something wrong, do not blame the ship. People like the OP here remind me of a slow kid sitting in front of a TV watching Scooby Doo and slapping himself in the face...L2P

Also, the JHAS only came back again for sale as a cash cow for PWE, who were betting on the fact that the only thing it is good for is the requirement to have one unpacked to purchase the JHAS fighter hangar for the Dreadnought. End of story.

The 3 pack console setup on the kumari variant is devastating in both PVE and PVP. Pop APA3 and GDF then use overload and watch how you can take a fleet Assault Cruisers hull from 100% with full shields to 20% in 3 seconds, its fun as hell. I have acutally one shotted the bugships in PVP on many occasions. I bet they throw a fit and start crying lol.

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