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Originally Posted by wrathofachilles View Post
I think that plenty of escorts/escort type vessels are already so well defended despite sacrificing some defense consoles for universals, that it really wouldn't make much of a difference, additionally, escort type ships typically only have 2 device slots. Science ships have 3 and cruisers have 4, by allowing cruisers and science vessels to have access to more universal consoles without sacrificing their defensive or offensive boosts from their engineering and science consoles might actually provide a touch of balance in the right direction.
Instead you would end up with ships that are totally OP. The point of making someone sacrifice one console for another is to A: make that person think very carefully about what role they wish their ship to perform, and B: to get people to band together for various tasks.

Giving someone the ability to turn like a fighter, tank like an engi, heal like a sci and hit like an escort would drive down sales of any other ship type. In effect it would cause stagnation, and that my friend is a game killer.

EDIT: Instead of unbalancing the game further, it would be much simpler and much less destructive to the game to just re-balance the one class of ship that MIGHT be considered OP. Logical thinking seems to be lacking in this thread.

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