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04-07-2013, 06:57 PM
Here's how it works: You pay to get something now and avoid the grind, or you grind to avoid paying money.
You folks have paid money, so not only have you getten stuff much earlier, you don't have to grind.
Sounds about right for F2P to me.

As for the rep system itself:
I really hope the sets have a special set bonus when fitted to Tholian ships. So far, the Tholian ships are the only lock box/lobi ships that don't have at least one set that gives them special bonuses.

I like the sound of that tier 5 trait; since science abilites have been nerfed to hell and back, science ships could use a bit of a boost in the damage department.

They said they are adding a fleet asset sometime after the Romulan update; I hope it gives consoles that boost tholian rep gear in much the same was as the embassy gear boosts Romulan rep gear. I am personally hoping for engineering consoles that either add a chance to do some shield stripping or buff tetryon weapons (since Tet is what the Tholian stuff is)