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Originally Posted by avengerkid1993 View Post
Oh, what is better ?
Photon or Quantuum Torpedoes ?

The question isn't quite as simple as that. Quantum torpedoes have 15% higher damage per shot, Photon torpedoes have 15% higher damage per second. Generally speaking, if you plan on firing a lot of "naked" torpedoes, then photon will work better because you'll get more shots and do more damage over time; versus, if you plan on being selective with your torpedoes and amping your shots with High Yield or Spread, then the higher base damage on Quantum will let these abilities hit harder.

Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
And I never intended that the size means it is a soft target. Its lack of effective engineering slots and its slow movement and turn rate, coupled with the fact that it is essentially a moving starbase but with not-so-strong defenses means it is usually fired on at one point or another. I'm not criticizing your build, but I have found that a large portion of Dreadnought captains have their ships ill-equipped for durability...
And this is why the Jem Dreadnaught is, in my opinion, an Engineer's ship. It *can* be a pretty very tough mobile starbase with an Engineer on the bridge.