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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
which is why it was said that placates were a nerf to science.
And VD started doing all those posts about the need for pseudo to-hit rolls of sorts on Science abilities and the like...


Tom with 9 Sensors, Sensors gear out the wahzoo, etc, etc, etc - should not have his Tractor Beam broken by Jerry with 0 CMS, no CMS gear, using a 25 Aux JS1, etc, etc, etc.


Though, since then - I have to admit that I did a respec, traded Emergency Secondary Shielding for Sensor Targeting Assault...and if I don't have APO/PH/JS etc, etc, etc handy - well, I just shoot them to break the tractor. With how high CrtH is in the game now - you've got a pretty decent chance of breaking it and anything else.

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