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04-07-2013, 08:09 PM
Well, that's a real broad question. It really depends on preferences, but here's my take.

Engineers for any full-fledged carrier. They bring extra power and survivability to any carrier, essential IMO for PVP because they're such huge magnets for attacks.

I can see a TAC getting away with the Kar'Fi, because its turn rate allows some playroom in that regard, but that's not exactly a common thing I see out in PVP.

Now, if you want to narrow down specifically Engineer to any of the KDF carriers, I can't say specifically what is the most ideal one for me, because I have switched back and forth on carriers. Each of their unique hangar pets bring something really nice to the table and are powerful in their own ways. I always have thought though that the Advanced Fer'Jai frigate from the Kar'Fi carrier is the best in sheer, raw power. But the staying power of the actual carrier itself is by far the weakest of all the dedicated carriers of the game. The Kar'Fi survivability will be fine for PVE, but for PVP, users must really be on their toes.