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okay.... so how does one not suck as a Science officer? re-roll?
Disregard the comment about sci's, its BS.

Science Captains bring 4 Decent abilities to their carrier:

1.) SNB will strip any buffs on your targets, meaning your pets torpedos can hammer them. Pet torps do a lot of damage. Also makes your target more tractable with debuffs. debuff him with plasma, he will fire HE, snb him ,then dump whatever else you have ready on him.

2.) Sensor scan increases the damage your pets do by a lot.

3.) The cozy field increases resistance vs energy damage -which is the primary damage you have to tank against.

4.) As per soon: using sci abilities decreases the cooldown of holo graphic fleet, which means you get to spam even more stuff. Holoships have pretty powerful torpedos.

So do not falter, my gorn sci sits in his vo'quv since ever and has never failed me.

As for setups:

Vo quv: go full science. full aux. your sci powers will be supercharged and your pet spam will be healthy. use turrets to apply helpings of pattern beta with scatter volley or use FAW 2 and beam arrays for the same purpose. (Tac team 1, scater volley 1/FAW 2 beta 2)
You do not need to put power into weapons, you are just there to deploy the beta debuff and spam sci powers.
Bops deal damage.

Mirror voquv: same as above but with more engineering based tank.

Karfi: best left to tacs. but still workable. I suggest a drain build with siphon, orion drain fighters and a healthy amount of dual heavy cannon doom.

Dreadnought: Same as karfi: mount the interceptors so you can cripple your targets ability to fight you. The ceptors drain weapon and engine power, they will help you get around the fact that you are flying a huge arse fortress of slowtidue.

Do not disgrace the ship with a single cannon/Beam array build. You want dual beam banks, turrets and dual heavy cannons. Rapidfire, Beta and BO as your principal attack tools. Rest of the build should go towards tank. Ceptors set your target up: you kill it.

Atrox: see vo quv. Use scorpions or standard peregrins (adv peres actually do less damage)

Recluse: See voquv for science build.

Tac heavy build: 3 single cannons, 3 turrets.
tac team, slot whatever you want, scatter volley 2, pattern beta 3. Will wreck stuff for you, best combined into a plasma build with appropriate consoles.

The Good thong about the recluse: you can switch on the fly between heavy engineering tank, heavy sci or heavy tac focus.

Mesh weavers are better than widows.

Did that cover all?

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