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Originally Posted by general1devon View Post
... But right now I'd just like to see something to give the Dread, and even some of the KDF cruisers, an edge

I believe most people's confusion about the Dreadnought Cruiser comes about from not being able to fly it as aggressively as they would like. This is because of the Cruiser class archetype being focussed on tanking, rather than damage-dealing, resulting from the games core balancing scheme. It is widely acknowledged that this balance is not a perfect representation of Trek lore, but does strive to get as close as possible.

That said, if I had the opportunity to redesign the Dreadnought Cruiser, I would do so by adjusting the BOff layout to the following:

* Commander Engineering
* Lt. Engineering
* Lt. Com. Tactical
* Lt. Science
* Ens. Universal

This layout provides enough flexibility that the Dreadnought will be able to more damage through Tac abilities, particularly a Lt. Com. Tac ability such as Beam Overload 3, Torpedo High Yield 3, or Cannon Rapid Fire 2. The universal Ensign slot allows for customisation depending on the player's preference.

I would also add a one more Tactical or Science console (the realm of 5x Eng consoles can be left for Fleet Galaxy Retrofit) to bring this in line with the latest generation of 10-console ships (which cost the same amount of Zen as the Dread, coincidently). Alternatively, these stats alongside a 10% hull/shield boost, would work well as a Fleet Dreadnought Cruiser. Its current turn rate should be kept as a balancing factor.