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Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
fair enough then.

once you have your ram getting a new hdd may be the next logical step.

one way or another it will give you more space, and if the original hdd has that horrible phoenix oem os recovery system(or whatever it was called), it can be the primary drive you install the os to when you put the new board in.

mobo cpu bundles may be a route for you to investigate.

but make sure your psu is rated to the stress you will be putting it under, as a rule i took the intended builds max draw & added 30% to the capacity of the psu i installed for people.
especially with the draw nvidia cards where starting to take a few years ago.
Thanks for the tips. Ill look into weather or not my copy of windows will lock, i was also thingking of using windows 8 but haven't really researched it yet.
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