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04-08-2013, 02:59 AM

Many thanks for your detailed specs of the new Dread. As one of the few Dread pilots that have found a way to make this ship massively effective already in Kerrat (not in the arena) I welcome your changes. Some points however:

The hull should be no more than the 42K, your 45K is too high compared to other ships.

The proccing battle cloak under fire is a sure fire way to get killed as remember with cloak you lose shields.

The Shield modifier is also too high, the shield mod as it stands is fine, perhaps a slight boost 1.05 would be welcome.

Everything you say about the lance is correct, the only way to more or less gurantee a hit is to use the subspace jump. However even this will sometimes miss, I am assuming because of the built in miss rate.

It can't be used in the arena well as it's main weapon is offline for 3 min, an eternity in a quick match.

There are now so many threads asking for the Dread and the Galaxy in general to be revisited it's surprising to me that the DEVs are totally ignoring what would be a massive win win and rake in a lot of cash. I guess the top and bottom of it is the Dread and the Galaxy/other cruisers do not fit in well with Escorts Online.

In the meantime register on our forums and take a look at my build for the ultimate Galaxy-X (due to be updated again very soon with a nice new addition I've discovered.).