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04-08-2013, 04:50 AM
Well it happened to me last night... Someone was making out they needed help in tribble with ships and what to do, like the good person I am I decided to try and help, next thing I know I have this message saying I cannot post for 24 hours!!

First thing why 24 hours, second thing why punish the people that have done nothing wrong...

I sent in countless tickets to CRAPTIC, and nothing... I have Branflakes email addy, again NOTHING!

However I have got round it by chatting to my fleet through message of the day! It makes them laugh..

This does need to be removed, ignoring people is all you need to do, giving the person a 24 hour chat ban is crazy...

I could rant on here all day long, however I am just getting more fed up with the game day by day.

Servers keep dropping people, and now a ban for helping someone, this is not what good looks like!
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