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Originally Posted by macronius View Post
Right. I don't like the idea of perma-death considering how much work it is to gather gear and optimize builds. However, I do like the idea of adding some consequences to dying at level 50 and in "hard mode". I would be in favor of "wear and tear" for example where after 20 - 30 deaths you have to replace 1-2 items on your ship. Again, nothing too drastic but it might mix things up a bit and make people care about tanking / heals.
Yeah well - with permadeath I didn`t mean you are actually losing your ship, but all your progress. So permadeath was a bad choice of words, "resetdeath" would be better. If your ship gets destroyed on the journey you will have to restart from the beginning (of the complete main-story-line) with no buffs, hots, weapons you may have had before your death.