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04-08-2013, 05:59 AM
Other then the general misinformation that tends to float about, I have no idea where this notion that a Sci captain is no good in a carrier comes from...

Sci is great in a carrier. I find carriers to be superior to Sci ships. Most carriers have a high sci load out.

People will mumble about how hard it is to get front 90 in a carrier, and how that "cripples" a sci.. its BS. Getting front 90 in a carrier is not that hard once you have practiced a while. Not to mention the amount of sci abilities that don't have an arc.

The general population doesn't understand sci at all. You have to take what they say with a grain of salt. A sci captain thrives in a carrier.

Edit: Oh, and actually on topic, I only have a tac and a sci, and I prefer my sci in a carrier. Tac skills do not buff pet damage, I find it more efficient as a tac to fly a high damage ship so that my skills actually effect the majority of my damage, instead of my pets making up the bulk of it and not being buffed. Tac is fine in the carrier, but better in an escort, IMO. YMMV.
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