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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
I dont think US has VAT

Thing is subs and LTS have that monthly stipend so if they will sell subs/LTS in c store they will have to be special editions or something without stipend ..because theres no reaon to pay the sub worth in zen and get 500 zen back...its stupid.To pay 1500 zen for 1 month sub without zen is fair imo .
There have been several people complaining about a VAT-like system who are based in certain states of the US.

But I can pretty much promise you that LTS will never make it into the Cryptic Store, since that would basically allow for people to never ever buy Zen...

  1. LTS'ers offer their stipend as Dil->Zen Purchase (Total 30K great number of players).
  2. Silver players buy Zen for dil.
  3. Silver players byus LTS account for said zen
  4. return to 1, repeat

The C-Store quite simple is THE worst solution for Cryptic to sell LTS or Gold accounts in general, as it will in the long term make "real" zen purchases obsolete.
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