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A new idea came to mind for foundry reviews, What if I where to do your reviews in video form, showing some gameplay, without revealing too much, while also adding in a voiced on top of that You get to choose the toon i use to review this; I have 4 available. Flash Dashing, CatStar, Caitian Picard, and Adventure Cat (TOS themed) If you choose a Cat, you will get the cat voice :3

Please leave me your thoughts on this.
I like that very much! I luv cats ( I use to take care of all the stray ones as a kid, even when my parents didn't want me tooo LOL)

would be great!

my episodes are :

Federation character episodes:

"Long Lost Friend" by amahood

"Long Lost Friend 2" by amahood

KDF character epsiode:

"Earth Invasion" by amahood

one note bout my first episode, the thing it won't do for some reason is beam out the people i want beamed out for some reason, so i just left that as , so the npc disappears instead of beams out LOL.

besides that everything works as it should.

so anyhow if you decide to try out my episodes, using any cat character is cool .