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04-08-2013, 08:16 AM
It is a cool idea, but I think it should have some limitation.

First, you need to buy the original ship (C-store, in-game, or lock boxes) in order to customize from it.

There should be limitation on which part can be added/customize.

The hard part is coming up with a formula that will prevent "uber power" ships being build from this.

I bought Kumari set, Vetsa set, and multi-mission. When I build my "own ship" I can't combine the power of different set (and thus able to use all console).

Example construction:
Pick a ship base: Tactical, Science, Engineering (this will be the base of bonus power and shields)
Then you could combine different part of that ship type (i.e. pick tactical and then create your own ship design and slots)

The slots are limited to what ship you already have access. Thus you CAN'T create a 5 fore slot until you bought Kumari set (all three or something restricting)

There should be a balance factor (i.e. hull/shield adjustment) if a person want to add extra "class" to the ship. i.e. Escort + carrier option or 5 fore slot science vessel. If you do that, you will sacrifice some bonus and such.

Picking out console slot will also be limiting (probably upto 9 so c-store ship will be better than player build) but allocation will have pros/cons.

This is just a rough idea.
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