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04-08-2013, 08:17 AM
PvP or PvE? What follows is a PvP perspective.

The only real argument against Sci in a carrier is that you want SNB in a timely manner and most carriers turn like barges. The jumper console may be worth it to you in that case.

Tac-Karfi is still great, I flew that combo probably more than any other in game, and I've put all 3 careers in a Karfi while I was learning to fly it. Currently beams are in a sad state, but she can still pack a BO/HYT/TB combo with an attack pattern to go with it and 2 full hangars.

The Jem Dread is a non-starter for me for any career. Cmdr Tac with that turn rate is not a good pairing.

The Vo'Quv is a brick. You need to be committed to debuff and setting up the kill with your boff abilities. You need to be ok with not personally getting the kill most of the time if you're doing your job. Eng is actually fine, Sci is good. Tac, kind of a shame. I like the Mirror setup but haven't personally flown it.

The Jem Hec w/Interceptors with either a Tac or Sci is one of the nastiest things in game right now. Orion Interceptors are hands down the best PvP pet in game and can cc for you like no other, and they've got functional AI. As a Tac you will be looking for ways to be harder to kill (I like 3 piece KHG clicky, SFM, Rommie tier 5) and as a Sci you will be looking to add some punch to follow up your SNB (maint eng doffs + weapon batt, rom plasma debuff maybe).

I pug an A2B Jem Hecterceptor and it's the meanest thing I've flown that's not straight up cheese or abusive mechanics. Siphon drones are not fun to me personally, though I don't know if they're still at the OP level they once were.

Pretty much the only thing you're going to get consistently decent DPS out of is the highest level scorpion fighters because of HYT plasma and their ability to bring dots.

Orion interceptors are the best thing out there IMO because they apply chroniton procs and W/E drain, are super fast, engage at 9.9 km, and have good AI. Can't say enough about the last one.

Fer'Jai are tough and will hang in a fight for a while. Aceton Beam is of questionable effectiveness, tric mines are nice.

BoPs, when herded correctly, can be micro-managed to execute a decloak alpha which can be respectable.

FOMM and Sensor scan will of course help pet damage, as will APB, but for PvP these get cleansed quickly.

For PvE, DHCs on a Jem Dread with 2 hangars of the best scorpions you can get. Tac, do what Tacs do; Sci, aux batt + sensor scan.