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Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
Try running "no win" without tanks or Sci ships. You might get to wave 5. That content cannot be ran successfuly without them. Starbase blockade cannot be done well without heals and crowd control. In fact most of the fleet missions require a Sci ship to be completed with any type of success. Only STF's perhaps dont need them as much unless on Cure someone blows a cube early and the team needs a good Sci ship to hold back the tide of raptors. In my opinion in "team" play a tank and Sci ship are a must.

But sadly in solo PVE missions you will do best in an Escourt.

The most successful Teams i have seen are 2 High DPS Escourts, 1 big tank Cruiser with high threat level and 2 Sci ships with holds and repels to direct traffic and buff/heal the escourts.
Firstly, absolutely NO offense intended here - but I don't entirely agree.

Can only comment from a Sci perspective, as don't have a VA level Engineer toon yet:

No Win Scenario: Granted, a well-placed GWIII can slow the enemy down somewhat (and I find my Vesta's Graviton Sheild useful for keeping enemies away from the transport too) but these are things that are not necessary if high-DPS escorts kill everything before such crowd control measures are either required or useful anyway.
I will, however, conceed that No-Win is one of the few instances where healing is of benefit.

Azure Rescue: Play this one fairly often lately, as my sci is nearing T5 Romulan rep and I need the Romulan marks. My sci uses a Vesta, which does fair DPS for a sci ship. Sadly, probably 8 times out of ten, by the time I reach weapons range the escorts present have already finished the Tholians off, leaving no role (beyond tractor beam disable) for me.

ISE: Sci only useful for slowing spheres with GW if someone pops a generator early, though I've been in groups where the escorts have killed the generator before the GW was any use anway.
And perhaps still serve a purpose healing the Borg's relentless plasma spam.

Fleet Alert: Have actually played this in my Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier/Armitage, accompanied by a JHAS, a Fleet Defiant, a C-store Defiant & a Prometheus. All tac officers. Gorn as the enemy - and we completely wiped the floor with them in no time flat and the starbase remained at 100%, since the enemy seldom managed to get within firing range to do significant damage.

And certainly, in the the case of the Fleet Alert I mention, that's the point - when you have sufficent DPS that the enemy can barely even get near the Starbase, what purpose would tanking/crowd control serve?
Personal T6 Ship Wishlist:

Nova/Rhode Island class with Hybrid Pilot BOFF seat.

That is all. (guess this wasn't really a 'list' after all!)