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Originally Posted by lazarus51166 View Post
Uhhh.....What? Nothing of the sort was established. I don't think I can name a single klingon episode involving combat that didn't have them using it in combat
I don't remember where I read it, but it was said somewhere.

There was a section dealing with Klingon bladefighting and it basically says they chose to give Worf a mek'leth instead of the bat'leth because it demonstrates that he fights smarter then your average Klingon.
It's because Worf is so confident in his ability to fight with a smaller weapon, he disapproves of those Klingons who use bat'leths, he considers them inferior.

Also, it's easier to carry around then a blade 2/3rds the size of your body!

With Klingon, bigger is always better, they choose the bat'leth because they want a big weapon.

And yes, I hate remodding as well.
Especially since I don't have a full Mk12 Set (I chose Omega because I don't like the flawed mechanics of the other sets).
The catch is, the Omega gun is a worthless gun, so I passed it off to a Boff, which means no remodulator.
And I don't use the standard remodulator because it's so inefficient.

Besides, I tried the full set once, the instant remod barely makes any difference.

Sadly, the one ranged weapon ingame that doesn't need to remod is intentionally nerfed.
It's DPS is fixed at level 27, which is problematic, considering I'm using it at level 50 and will keep using it when the level cap goes up.
I can kill enemies with it, but it will take twice as long!

I'm stubborn though, I refuse to stop using it.
Mainly because it doesn't need to be remodded, which means a constant rate of fire.
And also, I like the idea of a weapon that is unique and isn't a standard energy weapon.
Plus, it's a fun gun to use in combat.

I'm assuming Cryptic isn't big on kinetic weapons, hence why this is the only gun in the game that fires bullets and there's such a limited assortment of melee weapons.