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04-08-2013, 10:52 AM
*R.S.S. Republic, Bridge. Sam is looking at Dana as she studies sensor telemetry of the Matthew Neilson.*

Sam: Well?

Dana: Plasma... Disruptor damage... high antiprotons...

Looks like Orion weapons fire, sir.

Sam: Understood.

Bridge to Sickbay. Report, Doctor.

Andrews *Over Comm*: I've lost 12 of the 57 survivors we recovered from the Neilson, Captain.

5 of the survivors are out of danger and can leave when they choose, including Doctor Caliper. She's volunteered to assist my staff down here.

Sam: What about Captain Forrester and Commander Prescott?

Andrews *Over Comm*: Still in critical. So's Commander DeFalco.

Sam: Understood. Keep me posted, Doctor.

Andrews *Over Comm*: Of course, Captain. Sickbay out.
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