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04-08-2013, 12:12 PM
It certainly needs a lower setting. I think it also needs a larger setting. I base most of my BOffs on friends, and in both directions I cannot emulate some of them. Likewise we need a better option for chubby and overweight characters.

And the argument about not making child captains makes no sense at all. We have people running around as Captain Homer Simspon and you say we cannot make a child? They would be useful in Foundry design. If there is worry of people RPing sex with minors, that is what the report button is for.

There are a lot of aliens who shouldn't have cleavage at all, and some that should have more than two breasts. The gender-neutral species that Riker fools around with in TNG comes in mind, I would play one of them.

While this one is kinda stupid ;

It is canon, and someone may want to make this species.

Most multi breasted races would have them still in pairs likely above one another like a dog or a cat.

Saurian probably shouldn't have cleavage at all btw.