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04-08-2013, 01:34 PM
im thinking of buyin the tac vesta in my new tac char and i would like u guys to check my build and share ur opinions....

fore weapons : 2x phaser beam array xi [acc]x3 - omega torpedo
aft weapons : 3x phaser beam array xi [acc]x3

gear :
borg deflector mk xii
borg engine mk xii
maco shields mk xii or fleet adaptive covariant shields
advanced danubes and when elites come out, elites XD

consoles : 4 phaser relays - 2 neut - 3 shield hp sci consoles (i dont remember the name atm) and the quantum field focus phaser or whatever the name is... :O


TT1 - BO2

EPTS 1 - RSP 1
EPTE1(or EPTA1 ) - RSP1 - EWP1

TB1(or PH1) - TSS2 - HE3 - TBR 3(or VM3)

the other station set is instead of the ensign uni being tac, changing it to sci to have both TB1 and PH1 and changing the BO2 for a THY2, i havent tested it yet...
i just cant decide whats best to have in the comm sci... vm3 is countered by subsystem repair and human boffs give +20 each... TBR deals lots of dmg and when the target is using apo, the repel is 0 still the dmg is there xDD and the dmg it deals is boosted by tac skills...

i would use tbr while the other is using apo or aux 2 dampeners and tb while these skills are on cd...

also i am in doubt of whats best to have in the eng lt comm station : the ewp or a aux2sif...

energy normally at 100 weaps, 25 shields, 50 engines, 25 aux and i quickly change it to 100/25/25/50 to use TSS or HE...

DOFFS - 2 tac team doffs - making the tt cd 15 secs XDD since i dont want to put in the lt comm into tac and 3 brace for impact instant shield heal ... all vry rare

the thing about this build was to cc with beams and to send 2 energy bolts at once heheheh

what do you guys think ? sry for my english xD

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