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04-08-2013, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Yes, Krakens are awesome.

Anyways, we need to wait for the devs to finish coding.
I hope they finish coding soon because time is running out to give LoR a complete testing phase even though a month is hardly enough time it is all we have.
But if they dont let us testers put LoR through its paces and just release AS IS LoR could be a complete disaster.

I agree krakens are awesome

Originally Posted by morkargh117 View Post
I can't wait to test the Romulans, they could just release levels 1-10 for us to test and do it in sections unlocking more with each patch if the later stuff is not ready right now.
They could but that would not be a good idea i would rather be able to test LoR from level 1-50 and give it a complete run through.
That way we testers could compile a complete body of work as far as finding bugs breaking things the developers didnt think could be broken and general we llikes and we dont likes about LoR.
I to am anxious to play as a romulan but im more eager to get a full on testing of LoR underway not just this half baked UI test thats going on.
But we must wait till they are done coding and they make the decision to either let us test LoR on tribble or do a small scale beta test which wont find the majority of the problems with LoR.