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04-08-2013, 02:25 PM
Updated one of my posts to use what I hope is now the correct terminology for cooldowns. I really had a mess there using words which were not interchangeable as if they were.

Really, I want to share a bit about A2B management as my understanding of it evolves.

Aux2BoP is a finicky girl. You run the risk of bottoming out your Aux and preventing re-cloaking unless you learn how she wants to be treated. For cloak management, it goes a little something like this when you are nowhere near the enemy: Cloak, BO&HYT, full impulse, toggle full impulse off, watch a tick of Aux come back then trigger A2B, back to full impulse if needed. This will grab the minimum amount of Aux while reducing the cd of boff abilities (with the intention of double-tapping BO&HYT upon alpha). When you come out of full impulse there will still be enough aux returned from your engines to operate the cloak. It sounds complicated but you'll get the hang of draining the aux tank a bit before you activate A2B.

This is also crucial if you're running the leech or MACO shield. Those power bonuses will be subtracted as I described in my earlier posts leading to Aux offline. In between engagements when temporary aux buffs are about to wear off but you're correctly being a slave to your A2B rotation and need to activate it you can drain the tank a bit first with full impulse, then activate A2B for the cd reduction. Aux should even out without going offline. It doesn't have to be the complete slosh over to engines, you'll get a feel for how much you're going to need to come back to compensate for the buffs expiring.