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Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
You may be barking up the wrong tree here... I don't believe the GMs have the ability to do an account rollback, as this is something that would require Administration intervention. You'd be better off contacting Billing/Subscription Support with 'Hacked' in the title line.
I have send an e-mail to that Billing/Subscription Support one week ago, but still did not get any reply.

I have asked today the GM what they would have done if my account was hacked and characters was deleted by the hacker. I will post his response so other players know for now and in the future what they can expect (because this is the first game for me that a account rollback is not possible and I was not aware of this after playing this game for 3 years):

Account security is the responsibility of the account owner.
If an account is hacked we will help the original owner obtain the account.
If a character can still be restored we would simply restore the character.
The problem is sometimes characters can no longer be restored and an account rollback would not help in that issue. This is why we make customers verify character deletions by verifying the the character name before deleting the character.

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