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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
When a target doesn't have Tac Team, it can sometimes be a good way to get an opponent to WASTE his buffs to get within "Audible range" and hit one of the minor ones (say, CRF1 or DEM)-especially in C&H matches-more than one Feddybear has stomped on Evasive when I've done this, and was more than 20K away before he realized I wasn't chasing him, but instead capturing the objective. (the TRUE humour being, he'd just burned up his defensive buffs trying to get away, so he was ez prey for the Raptor that followed him out there before decloaking!) PvP can also incorporate "headgames", and Feds have a healthy fear of the Decloaking Alpha.
Agreed, that can be a effective way to set up your attack. But, I would caution you against trying it against a Sci captain, unless you know exactly what skills he carries. You dont want to get hit with a Charged Particle Burst or Sci Scan and get decloaked.
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