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The issue here is that we don't know at what level each race will get to the Reman/Vault series in the new configuration. I believe Dan said the Roms get there around level 40, but the Feds and KDF could get there around level 20. Thus all the current KDF Mission could be reformatted into the first 20-30 level of KDF play without needing to add more new Missions.
He said ~40 for Romulans, and late 30s/early 40s for Fed/KDF. He said that of course will vary depending DOFFing, patrols, Mirror, etc, etc, etc - I mean, as it stands now, you can hit 50 long before getting to the Vault (listed as 34 for a Fed or 36 for KDF).

Klingon War is 1-19
Romulan Mystery is 20+

Federation War is 20-30
Fek'Ihri is 31-33
Romulan Mystery is 34+

It's definitely complicated with how they'll fudge the KDF story to get there. I mean, seriously, look at the Federation War story

Bringing Down the House and The House Always Wins - well, they're not Fed War. If anything, they'd be a good transition over into the "Romulan Mystery" arc, eh?

Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning and Keep Your Enemies Closer fit in with the Fed War - but the next mission is Temporal Ambassador. WTF? That lends itself over to the "Romulan Mystery" as well.

Then it's five episodes into the Devidian story arc. Er, so all in all - there wasn't much Federation War going on there was there?

You've got the four episodes for the Fek'Ihri Return - which, would those even be possible if you had not already done the first two House missions and gotten in good with Worf?

Perhaps a little bit of rewrite there - so it's something like the following:

Federation War
new episodes
Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning
Keep Your Enemies Closer
new episodes
Spin the Wheel
What Lies Beneath
Everything Old is New
Night of the Comet
new episodes

Fek'Ihri Return
Blood of the Empire
The Gates of Gre'thor

Romulan Mystery
Bringing Down the House
The House Always Wins
new episodes
Temporal Ambassador
new episodes
The Vault

Basically something along the lines of the Federation War taking place 1-16, Fek'Ihri Return taking place 17-20, and Romulan Mystery starting at 21 or so? Basically keeping that Temporal Ambassador episode at 25?

Or perhaps the Fed War being shorter, Fek'Ihri Return being earlier, and thus starting Romulan Mystery earlire...?
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