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04-08-2013, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by pokinatchapunx View Post
Thank you.
It was my pleasure, I did find them amusing.
Let me know when you finish part 3 if you want me to play that too.

These videos have so far had a bit more viewing than I expected, nothing major but still they get views on both Twitch and YouTube. Haven't had much of live viewers that I know of, one guy came in to chat and shouted "Lol Gay stream!" but that's about it.

I guess if I wanted to have tons of viewers live I should hire a hot blonde to sit infront of a webcam, singing false.. It doesn't matter though, what matters is that you Foundry authors get some exposure to your missions and that I have a fun time playing them, and I do.

I will get to it again later this week and are planning on trying to catch up to this thread before the end of next weekend.