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04-08-2013, 05:36 PM
I have 3 main ships that I jump between all the time: Grumba, Bortasqu' tac, and Fleet Corsair. Grumba is my DPS heavy death dealer, Bortasqu' is my tank and Corsair plays a more versatile role as a semi-tank carrier.

On all three I use the Adapted KHG set, plasmonic leech, Rom and borg consoles, and a plasma based setup. On the Grumba, I use 3 DHCs, rom torp, 3 turrets. Bortasqu' I use 2 DBBs, Rom array , Borg kinetic beam, 3 turrets (sometimes 1 DBB and borg torp - no shared cd with rom torp). Corsair is same setup with Elite Scorpions. I like sets.

I put way more time and effort into my KDF toon and it pays off.
Cant wait for Romulans...
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