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04-08-2013, 08:30 PM
Hopefully, I won't get in too much trouble for posting this here after having first commented it on the blog article. It just seems like here I'll have a better chance of getting a possible answer to some of the questions I had...

I'm among those who enjoy the Reputation System and what you're doing with it - especially the addition of Tholian (finally, Nuke Prime has a purpose for non-fleet players) and Event Reputations. I am, however, somewhat confused by the way you describe the Event Rep.
1; you say 'Seasonal Projects', does that mean that projects will only be available to be started at certain times of the year and if we miss out on a project, we have to wait until it comes back again, or will these be special projects offered in addition to standard, year-round available projects?
2; Will each Event be able to have an active project or will we have to pick and choose which Events to focus on?
3; Will Events include only PvE queues like 'Crystalline Catastrophe', 'Big Dig' and such or will it also include single player events like War Zones, Dil. Mining, 'Emancipation', etc?