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04-08-2013, 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
STO doesn't build it's projects like a Subscription game. It thinks like a FTP game, where the vast majority of players don't have 15 alts.
Yeah, but it's kind of rough, meh. I've got 8 toons already. With the Romulans, am I looking at 2 more? 4 more? 6 more? Had they been a separate faction, would have likely been 4 more...

I think about the game the gf plays - no factions, no careers - so yep, she just runs her one toon and does all the little project things.

STO though?

Tac, Eng, Sci
KDF, Fed
Now we're looking at K-Rom and F-Rom?

Willard the Rat, Klingon Science Officer
Fleet Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit (FT5U) - D'Kyr Science Vessel (T5U)
Hazari Destroyer (FT6) - Phantom Intel Escort (T6)
Benthan Assault Cruiser (FT6) - Hirogen Apex Battle Cruiser (FT5U)