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Originally Posted by projectfrontier View Post
MMO's do not need time-sinks. MMO's need content that rewards and motivates players to participate. World of ******** has a lot of "daily reptuation" activities - they represent the opposite end of the "reptuation" spectrum. But at least they got the whole "shooting bad guys gives reputation" part right.
The grand irony here is that prior to WotLK, WoW's reputation system itself served as a content gate proper and not merely a gear access gate...which was implemented partly in response to complaints about lengthy, tedious attunement quests. Then, later built into a fully-fledged gear rewards system in response to players' complaints regarding randomized loot drops and competition with other players for loot, leading to the situation in which it could take players months before seeing a single piece of new gear.

Which, WoW isn't even the "opposite end" of that spectrum. Everquest was, which for the first few years of its existence lacked proper quest content altogether, had a reputation system that was a hard content gate, and no way to build reputation save mob grinding and random drop turn-ins.