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04-08-2013, 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by qqafgqegqe4ag View Post
The reputation system. Who's idea was it to put 20 hour timers on that crap?

My romulan rep is t0 and my borg rep is t2, after all this time. Why? I log in. I grind out the requirements in a couple minutes for whatever the three tasks are. I start the thing. And then... I gotta wait 20 hours. What does that make me do? It makes me log off to go do other things "while I wait".

And that's what's confusing to me. Why would they design something to make people want to log OUT, instead of wanting to stay IN?

While I'm sure some people have had success with it, I was getting much better results progressing back when I could sit down on a Saturday and go on an 8 hour STF marathon, even with low drop rates.
It's to get you to slow your roll, homie.