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04-08-2013, 10:38 PM
the ambassador has more then enough tactial and science to damage and defuff while still having enough engineneering to stay in a fight. as for weapons i like using both distruptors and plama on the same ship with one harg'pang and the borg cutting beam. or harg'pang and 3 plasma torpedoes front and 1 tretyons turrets borg cutting beam and 2 distropter-poloron hybird. cause the plasmas burn, the harg'pan deal good knectic damage and burn over time with primary and secondary explosion. the tretryon turret to drain shields. the distruptor-poloron for disrutor and ppoloron damage. the borg cutting beam for 360 degrees of knectic damage. with the cutting beam and the harg'pang both save enery power to have for the for the 6 enery weapons.