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04-09-2013, 01:53 AM
Yet another thread where an educated and well-informed person brings up a valid complaint that is researched and thorough, and then all the STO fanboys jump in to blindly protect the developers and claim they've done nothing wrong. STO does have mistakes. Trying to attack those who bring them up is not going to make the game any better.

On that note, there are also numerous errors on the texture and window placements of the Nova, Nova Refit, and Nebula class models (that's Science Vessel, Science Vessel Refit, and Adv. Research Vessel for the casual players). The Nebula Class ship should also be firing its torpedoes out of the Mission Pod up top, for both fore and aft launches. It currently only fires out of the pod in the aft direction, while forward the torpedoes shoot out of some vague area near the deflector dish, despite there being no torpedo launchers there.