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The best ignore I suffered that I can think of offhand wasn't in this game. I was in a five-man dungeon group, struggling to get past the first boss of the dungeon. At some point during the fight, while we're all floating ideas for how to adjust our approach, I randomly say "less QQ moar pew pew."

Needless to say, one of our group members instantly takes offense, and immediately launches into some diatribe about how elitist I and everyone else in the group was, before rage quitting the group and putting us all on ignore...because I said "less QQ moar pew pew" to no one in particular.

Long story short, we finished the five-man dungeon with four players, and all had a great time clapping each other on the back at the end and rejoicing in how elite we were.

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Got on someone's wrong side when i explained that because my toon is female.... im not! Bam! Straight to ignore list
I can't say I would disagree with a policy of blindly ignoring manginas.

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Some RPers are just elitist. New people have to submit to a hazing and off-topic people get insta-bans. I haven't been able to find a new group I like yet.
It's odd; I find some of the most elitist players I come across to be the same type of people who whine on forums about how elitist they feel other players are, or how inspect and similar features lead to discrimination. Meanwhile, allegedly "elitist" players tend to be as welcoming and congenial as possible, provided you're not a mouthbreather looking to be carried.

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