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04-09-2013, 03:34 AM
Don't worry, we've been trying to tell them the same thing for 3 years now.

And we always get the same canned response: "PvP updates are in the pipeline"/"PvP isn't in a state where we'd like it to be, and we'd love to improve it!"

Fun fact: PvP has actually lost content. Way back when, Cryptic decided to remove a map and entire game type (Space Assault) because they felt that not enough people played it.
Devs would like a concise list of things that are broken and not working currently, so here's a short list for PvP: Neutronic Torpedoes, Ionic Turbulence, Surgical Strikes (including Faeht firing through cloak), PartGen stacking and CrtH being boosted to absurd levels.