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Originally Posted by opheliadraegonne View Post
I don't know what planet you live on, but plenty of girls I know have smaller chests than the slider allows for.

As I said before ; I make some of my friends as BOffs and there are some I cannot make. I have dated girls with smaller chests than that.
That is certainly very odd. Are you sure those females were of adult age, or did not have some form of medical surgery out of an illness related necessity?

The only friend of mine that managed to get that flat was a very thin guy who dressed up in drag for his comedy routine once.

Because when I go outside, I don't see any women under the slider's 1st bar. And I mean women, as in around twenty or older.
There are females that are as flat, but those are teenagers who are still in not fully grown, and of course, should not be dated.

As for the bigger, defying gravity ones.... well those may be not natural. Though I'm not sure why people care about that. If there are implants for that today, it is quite illogical to think they would not be still available in a few fictional centuries.

But wyh do saurians have breasts? They are lizard... they should not have any. Though argonians of Skyrim share this odd, very un-reptile trait.
Let us wear Swimsuits on Foundry maps or bridges please! I would pay zen for that.

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