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Thanks! At this point I'm not sure who I want the assassin to be. Maybe we will never find out.
Even better, that makes it a real mystery It would be cool to find out who it was, but equally, a nice little thread of uncertainty for any future LC that any of the crew (barring those with Carter) could potentially be a 31 Agent under deep cover

Originally Posted by superhombre777 View Post
Anyway, I enjoyed your entry. I particularly liked Palmer's cool demeanor - as soon as Enterprise shows up and it's clear everything will be fine, she goes back to the ready room, presumably to remember that bath house again. Nice.
Thanks, I view her as something of the anti-Monica... All Monica's pazzaz and organizational skills, but none of the desperate need for other's approval or self-doubt... I think having just got the ship out of spacedock, and what should've been a diplomatic mission, getting a beating from the Klingons probably exeeded her BS quota for the day, so it was time to lock herself in her room and have a little "FFS!!!" moment