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04-09-2013, 07:37 AM
Yesterday started a Infected: Manus (Elite) when it loaded their was only 4 people. 1 person had a bunch injuries on his/her character. That same person started the optional objected countdown even after I said now we need to wait for 1 more. That person did not have a melee weapon and was only using 1 ranged weapon and did not remodulate the weapon when the Borg adapted. That person was the worst I had ever seen. Bunch of injuries then starting the timer with 1 person short and did not have reputation gear to fight the Borg or even a Frequency Remodulator. I just don't know what the heck that person was thinking to enter a Elite mission.

I don't know why but that mission seems to get the worst players entering it. So many times I have seen people enter it with a bunch of injuries and without any Regenerators to heal injuries.

Their have been so many times that people have entered Elite without decent gear. So many other times people have said this is my first time doing this mission and all I can think is what the hell are you doing here in a Elite mission when you had never played the mission before.

I wish people would stop being so stupid and entering Elite missions when they never played the mission before. I wish people would also wait till they have some decent gear before doing Elite missions and I wish people would heal their injuries before doing Elite missions.