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SWToR, PotBS and WoW have/had similar mechanics for PvP flagging and world raiding iirc.

In WoW (for the brief time I tried it out, about 40 levels), you would be flagged for PvP as you entered an opposing faction's zone, and all the NPCs, including mission givers, would be hostile (and hard as nails). Players from the faction you are invading this way have the *option* of flagging themselves for PvP to attack you, but the best systems are set up with fail safes so there is no way to accidentally be flagged just because someone is Flagged near you (from either faction).

SWtoR had an issue where if you even clicked on an opposite faction member who was PvP flagged, you would be flagged (because clicking initialized an attack - no dialogue to say "are you sure you want to PvP?"). This resulted in exploits where one low level person would stealth directly in front of a door or interaction object, and as you went to click the object, they would be revealed because you were so close to them - accidentally clicking on them instead of the door, and flagging you. Then their friends would hop through the door to you and grief your corpse. Another nasty trick from games with open-world PvP is to join a group PvP flagged. If somone in that group buffs you or heals you, they get flagged too - and then your friends from the opposite faction show up and kill them all. So there are pitfalls to avoid for any open world PvP flag system. If done right, however, it can be very rewarding - but only if it is VERY hard to actually flag yourself, and impossible to do so accidentally.

A lot of these kinds of systems deal with Temporary Enemy Flags (TEFs) too, which I do dearly miss. With TEFs, you can apply layers to this kind of voluntary open world raid/PvP option. The first layer is PvE only, with minor rewards for taking out a territory, etc. The second Tier PvP flags you and you fight both the NPCs and any Players who chose to help, usually victory this way grants greater reward (or control of a location). So a TEF might occur when you attack a particular kind of NPC, which then gives you an automatic PvP TEF for a short time, or in some more complex systems, a TEF that only flags you for anyone who saw your action.

That's all amalgamated from several games' systems, but some kind of tiered PvE and PvP open world zone control gameplay would be nice to see. Particularly if they get all the fail safes right (making it hard to actually PvP flag yourself)
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