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04-09-2013, 10:12 AM

The forum rules specifically call out discussions of a religious or political nature as "Off-Topic" under the spamming rules.

Discussion of "fictional religion" isn't necessarily excepted from the rule, especially as some of you aren't limiting yourselves to how it's portrayed in Star Trek and are making much broader statements.

The rules regarding this are in place because countless forum administrators have learned the hard way that these conversations almost always lead to people on both sides of the debate taking offense. And they have nothing to do with Star Trek Online, therefore they are "Off-Topic".

Since most of the thread has been devoted to topics that have nothing to do with the OP, which was a request for a Starbase Chapel, I think that it's time to close it down. Not because I am necessarily agreeing with any of you, but because the forum rules are being violated.

For future reference please remember that it helps a great deal when posts which violate the PWE Community Rules and Policies are not responded to and are reported via submitting a Forums and Website Ticket (click here).

If you think any of your posts within a thread have violated the PWE Community Rules and Policies, please edit your posts before a moderator takes action.

If you feel you need to get in touch with PWE BranFlakes to discuss the actions taken by any Community Moderator, you can do so by submitting a Forums and Website ticket (click here).
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