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04-09-2013, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
"I've never trusted Caitians, and I never will. I've never forgiven them, for the death of my ground PvP."
This is as comical as pug passing off the bs that engy is the weakest class on ground. Ground pvp is dead cause of broken chain knockbacks and up until very recently other issues that kept q's from popping left and right. And even with all this space pvp is far worse off as the QQ on these forums demostrates.

Ground pvp you don't need a cat to do your job. In the whole scheme of things cats do very little to upset ground balance but provide ever so small dodge advantages with jump height allowing for a few less deaths potentially. Ground pvp currently only has one op lobi store weapon. The rest of it is garbage besides the gambling device which simply replaces all tribbles and actually brings more balance to firepower between the classes. How much op p2w crap does space have? Space pvp is either lockbox or higher tier 5 tact console fleet system escort or bust.

The fact that space pvp boot camp hasn't been cancelled and ground has is due to choices of it's organizers and does not reflect the state of balance in space or ground. Maybe you should learn how to play ground mimey before you blame your inadequacies on cats. MMMkay cupcake! And yes I have cats and have rolled non cats in ground pvp before them. Just saying!