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As for my response, the poster had said he been silenced for the thousandth time -- ask yourself what's more likely, a vast conspiracy of people silencing him day after day, or rather he's doing something that is frowned upon over and over and still hasn't gotten the idea. As I said before, the simplest possibility is the latter.

Is not like there are troll fleets who do that for fun or that thing can and is an exploit.

Hope you know that things happen everywhere for no reason both in game and in real life.

Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
It's hardly God roleplay since it's a temporary measure and no single person is silencing anyone else -- it requires a certain number of people. The poster made it clear he was saying offensive things ('hey, <fill in fleet name> sucks!' or that the person just sucks in general) and that's why he had gotten silenced in the past. He gave no indication he was going to stop doing that. As such, I don't think anyone is going to really miss that kind of behavior -- but if you do, you are more than welcome to speak up. I hope that doesn't leave any confusion this time.
So in a MMO (multiplayer with multi humans) is hard to get a team to spam chat bans?
What has his opinion to do with the ability to chat in fleet chat or PM or Mail?Its like only 12 year olds play this game.
Do you know that theres a chat command that allows you and your friends ban anyone even if that person is offline ,you only need their handle?Do you know that if something can be exploited it WILL be exploited because thats how humans work.

I already said that I dont blame those who exploit this...its their way of getting fun from game ,but I blame Cryptic for allowing exploits that ban people .I am against all types of bans...check eve online ,people seem happy with no bans policy.Btw I dont have any person on my ignore list simply because I know the s*** system can lead to bans.I am a player not a judge to decide what is spam and who deserves a chat ban.

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The GM's used to listen to the one silence wrongfully. I presume they check the status of your ban and did their research. Now they have just become either ignorant, complacent, lazy or they just don't care about their customers except for their money.

Either which way you put it they are not going to help you anymore which is very sad and very poor customer service.
lol Ive seen people who were banned for a hour because they were making gorn seriously ,they need to send those GM (aka Gorn Managers) to a vacation to relax

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