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04-09-2013, 11:23 AM
Don't you guys see what he's really doing?! This is all a Taconian plot to get you to entertain him!

He invites you into his thread with his suave fang-y smiles, the sexy swirling of the martini as he lounges in the back. He waits until you are all settled in and then makes a casual gesture toward the stage, which just so happens to be situated in front of him. You gaze upon the stage and think, "Ah! We can have some fun with this!" But no! It is not fun for is all for his amusement! You think the Iconians are the master manipulators here? No my friends...the real threat is the Taconians.

W...wait. If I'm here in this thread...that means that I've been duped too!


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