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04-09-2013, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by ussfury View Post
  1. While logged into the game, go to the C Store.
  2. Bottom right should be a button "Buy ZEN"
  3. Click it and the purchase option should be Steam (with the prices + bonus Zen)
  4. Click to buy and go through the Steam process (an overlay window should pop up)
  5. Make the purchase as you would though Steam (add money to wallet if needed, then complete the purchase)
  6. Final step on confirmation should close the pop up and you now have the funds in C Store.

You might need to close and then reopen the store window but I don't remember needing to do that.

I had a few issues with getting this figured out for a while until I realized I hadn't actually run STO from Steam itself. For a while, I'd be under the impression they'd disabled Stema transfers.

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